Updrift by Errin Stevens

Updrift is a great love story and introduction to this series about sirens, community and the strong ties that bind them. I loved the characters and their relationships with each other. The story has romance, suspense, humor and drama, all woven together expertly to make you feel everything deep inside- and really care about them all, even the ones with suspect character traits and who make terrible, selfish decisions.

The first third of the book was a little tedious for me. There was a lot of descriptive backstory, starting when Kate and Gabe were children, then flitting from one milestone to the next- sometimes out of order, it seemed- until they were in high school and basically separated from each other. The pace picked up from there, moving through those years then on, finally reuniting them and starting the suspenseful intrigue part of the story.
I was riveted, hardly able to put it down as Kate and Gabe established their true relationship, faced adversity, and withstood the try tests of their love.

Overall, this is a solid and entertaining story. I’d recommend it to readers who like mermaids, paranormal romance- or any other kind of romance- and sweet, true love stories.



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